Donely — FAQs Part 1

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FAQs Part 1
  1. When IDO/Presale/Where?

2. When is Pancake Swap listing?

  • After presale, may on March 30th 16:00 UTC+0 (wait for official announcement)

3. Is there a Presale vesting or not?

  • Yes, 40% when listing. Then vesting 20% each 30days

4. Total Supply / Liquidity / Price

  • Total Supply: 100.000.000 DOB
  • Tokens For Liquidity: 3.000.000 DOB
  • Price: Presale 0.0625$, List 0.1$ (depend on BNB price).

5. Oracle? Gas fee:

  • Yes, we have Oracle

6. When release game?

  • We plan to release the game in April and will have an official announcement to the community soon.
  • But we will release the Test-net version for 1 week, for players to experience and discover bugs with rewards. To make sure we can’t be hacked. Guarantee benefits for investors/players.

7. Presale Crate?

  • We are considering that maybe that will be the benefit of staking.

8. When marketplace?

  • Available when the game release

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