Free to Play, Relax and Earn

Donely Planet
1 min readFeb 18, 2022

We believe that a product is good if it serves many people, depending on their needs. So Donely is completely free to start, it is accessible and friendly to everyone.

Free Players — Presence Booster
- The economic model in the game is built according to the free game mechanism, so players can easily access it for free.
- The game has enough basic features for players to explore. The community feature is also focused on helping the game have a fast coverage speed.

Paid Players — enhanced engagement
- The recharge features are calculated to help create a seamless experience for players.
- The game acceleration also helps players to be proactive in managing their leisure time.

Crypto-native Players — enhance the experience
- Players can create and own digital assets in the game.
- Trade, exchange NFT items with other players or collect tokens from daily bounty missions to generate real income for players.
- The privacy and security of players’ personal information is guaranteed thanks to Blockchain technology.